Tie Breaker system adopted for all weekday Tournaments
In order for us to stay within our subsidy budget we are now going to break all ties using the a tiebreaker system available to us from our Tournament Players Program . If there are ties the software will break all ties using the back nine as a beginning point for tie breaks. TPP uses the USGA tie breaker...starting with the back 9 holes (net), then the back 6 holes (net), then the back 3 holes (net) and then the Back 1 hole (net) then if we need it a coin toss. Handicaps for the tie breakers are 50% for the 9 hole, 33% for 6 hole, 16.7% for 3 hole, 5.55% for 1 hole..all handicaps are rounded 0.5 or higher is a stroke.
Posted by bhood::02/10/2016

Signup available for 2016 Weekday Tournaments
At the request of many of the golf courses, including Torrey Pines, will we be moving up the cancellation deadline. This accommodation will give all the courses the opportunity to sell any tee times we relinquish at that time. We are also shortening the total signup period to try and reduce the excessive amount of cancellations. Starting with the February schedule the new sign up system will be used which will include a cancellation deadline of one week prior to the tournament at 6:00 pm. This will be noted in the tournament information signup sheet for each tournament. Please review and be familiar with the cancellation dates for future tournaments. The remainder of the schedule has been published on the Weekday Tournament Schedule. Because North will be closed for approximately 8 months and we will only have one event a month on South, we have added some additional courses for 2016. With some exceptions (Balboa on Wednesday's, and four Monday dates at private courses) the majority of the schedule will be on Thursdays.
Posted by lprosi::02/10/2016

KIA Classic Needs Volunteers!
A Great Way to Get Inside the Ropes....The LPGA Kia Classic Golf tournament at the Aviara Resort, March 21-27, is in need of volunteers for all committees. Log on to KIACLASSIC.com for committee descriptions and sign up information.Over 700 volunteers are needed to make this event a success! If you have any questions about volunteering please contact Lindsay Allen at Lindsay.allen@lpga.com
Posted by mberg::01/15/2016

Please note that effective 1/1/16, all member renewals are considered "late renewals" and the fee is $100. Also be certain your E Golfer Profile is current including phone number and date of birth. Any questions, contact Larry Prosi, Membership Chairman
Posted by lprosi::01/04/2016

Marshalls Needed!
Torrey Pines has requested the club improve pace of play and use marshals to aid in this. In response, the Board has formed a new position, Pace of Play Chair. We need 2 marshals for each TP tournament, one for early play, and one for late. Each marshal will be assured a tee time in Torrey Pines tournaments, an early tee time for the later play marshal, and a late tee time for the early play marshal. This is a great way to support the club in this important matter, ensure you will have a tee time, and make tournaments at Torrey more efficient and enjoyable for all. Please email me at kmclean@tpmgc.org if you would like to serve as a marshal, and indicate if you would prefer early or late. We will hold a training session on how to marshal, and share thoughts on how to make it work well for both marshals and players. Thanks. Kevin McLean Chair, Pace of Play Committee TPMGC
Posted by mberg::09/22/2015

Pace of Play
Tired of Slow Play? Sign the SCGA’s Pace of Play Pledge! It’s time to change the culture that accepts slow play. Help us solve one of golf’s biggest problems and play faster! SIGN the PACE OF PLAY PLEDGE and receive a limited edition bag tag. Join the movement now at www.scga.org/pledge
Posted by omborn::07/27/2015