Election Results
At the General Membership meeting last night, the following individuals were elected to a two year term for the Board of Directors: Steve Arkin Michael Berg Peter Born Roy Burchill Brian Cincotta Brian Dresser John Hoffman Bob Hood The Term Limit Petition was rejected. The vote of the membership was 100 opposed to Term Limits, 86 in favor of Term Limits. Thank you to all those members that attended the meeting. Riverwalk Golf Course provided a terrific venue for our meeting. And thank you to all members who assisted in organizing and running the election, raffle and meeting.
Posted by mberg::11/17/2015

Club Net Champion!
Congratulations to TJ Valenzuela as he will represent Torrey Pines in the SCGA Net Tournament of Champions. This is the first year TPMGC paired up the three Net Flight winners from the Club Championship along with the Weekend Senior Net Champion to determine the winner and club representative for the SCGA Net Championship! Flight winners TJ Valenzuela, Heidy Munn and Arno Tuulik played and TJ prevailed. Unfortunately, Dale Frank was unable to make the playoff due to a scheduling conflict. Heidy Munn played valiantly despite a severe flu but had to withdraw mid-round. We wish TJ the best of luck and know he will proudly represent TPMGc!
Posted by mberg::11/10/2015

Pro Kids Golf
TPMGC is proud to donate to Pro Kids golf and support their programs for at risk youth in the San Diego community. Pro Kids is having a golf tournament Saturday, November 14th. Each foursome will feature a Pro Kids member and neighborhood law enforcement officer! 1:30 p.m. Shotgun Start 4:00 p.m. (approx.) BBQ and Awards Closest-to-the-Pin Contests Colina Park Golf Course is a par-3 18-hole golf course located in the heart of City Heights. Fun for all ages and skill levels! Registration includes Golf, Range Access, Tee Prize, BBQ Lunch and Reception. $150 for Two Players $100 for Individual Playing Spots For more information, contact Megan Fletcher at mfletcher@prokidsonline.org or call (619) 582-7884 to register.
Posted by mberg::11/10/2015

2016 BOD Election and Term Limits
The annual meeting will be held November 16,2015 at 6:00 at Riverwalk Golf Course. We will be voting on Eight (8) Board positions and also Term Limits.

Attached are the following items:
1. Ballot for Directors       (PDF) (MS Word)
2. Ballot for Term Limits   (PDF) (MS Word)
3. Term Limit Description (PDF)

There are Eight (8) Board Positions open. You are to cast only one vote per candidate and no more than eight (8) total votes.

Click here to view the Candidate Statements

Upon completing your vote, please submit your ballot to TPMGC either by e-mail to elections@tpmgc.org or print your ballot and mail to TPMGC, P.O. Box 28939, San Diego, CA 92198-0939.

Only one ballot per member: email (which will be verified by email on record in membership rolls) or mail-in (return address on envelope will be verified by address on records in membership rolls). All ballots must be received by 5:00 pm on the date of the General Membership Meeting (11/16/2015)

As to Term Limits: You are to vote either Yes or No. The same procedure for submitting your ballots for Board Directors applies to this vote (either e-mail or regular mail, one vote per member). If the majority of the membership votes for term limits, the term limits to be instituted are described in the attached PDF.
Posted by mdhillon::10/20/2015

2016 Membership Application now open
The 2016 Membership Application is now open, visit the Membership Page for more information.

Any renewals after 12/31/2015 will be considered late, and the price is increased to $100.

Your paid renewal will note be processed until your personal information is updated on eGolfer. Please contact Membership Chairman Larry Prosi (lprosi@san.rr.com) if you have any questions.
Posted by mdhillon::10/17/2015

Marshalls Needed!
Torrey Pines has requested the club improve pace of play and use marshals to aid in this. In response, the Board has formed a new position, Pace of Play Chair. We need 2 marshals for each TP tournament, one for early play, and one for late. Each marshal will be assured a tee time in Torrey Pines tournaments, an early tee time for the later play marshal, and a late tee time for the early play marshal. This is a great way to support the club in this important matter, ensure you will have a tee time, and make tournaments at Torrey more efficient and enjoyable for all. Please email me at kmclean@tpmgc.org if you would like to serve as a marshal, and indicate if you would prefer early or late. We will hold a training session on how to marshal, and share thoughts on how to make it work well for both marshals and players. Thanks. Kevin McLean Chair, Pace of Play Committee TPMGC
Posted by mberg::09/22/2015

Brett Makely is the 2015 Club Champion!
Congratulations to Brett as he will represent Torrey Pines in the SCGA Tournament of Champions. Flight winners TJ Valenzuela, Heidy Munn and Dale Frank will join the net winner from the Weekend Senior Championship to determine you will represent TP in the Net Tournament of Champions. Also to be determined is the Sr Club Champion during the event in the end of October. Congratulations also to Steve Pindiak for a hole in one in his finals match against Dale Frank!
Posted by jhoffman::09/22/2015

Pace of Play
Tired of Slow Play? Sign the SCGA’s Pace of Play Pledge! It’s time to change the culture that accepts slow play. Help us solve one of golf’s biggest problems and play faster! SIGN the PACE OF PLAY PLEDGE and receive a limited edition bag tag. Join the movement now at www.scga.org/pledge
Posted by omborn::07/27/2015

Tournament Change
The Torrey Pines Men’s Golf club is restructuring our SGCA Championship play to better recognize those individuals who excel in our Club and Senior Championships.

SCGA conducts tournaments each year for its member clubs:

SCGA Tournament of Club Champions for Club Champions with index 2.4 or lower

SCGA Tournament of Senior Club Champions with index of 5.4 or lower

SCGA Tournament of Club Champions – NET for players whose index is higher than 2.4 or 5.4 from above.

As our club selects it’s Club Champion and Senior Club Champion from players with indexes below 2.4 (Club Champion) and (5.4 Senior Club Champion) the SCGA has allowed us to send two individuals to the SCGA Tournament of Club Champions – NET.

It the past we have conducted 2 Low Net Qualifier tournaments which were a single round of Individual Net play(Weekend and Thursday) and the low net from each was sponsored to the SCGA Tournament of Club Champions – NET

This year the selection method will be changed to be more reflective of our Actual Club Championships.

For the Weekend selection we will have a single round of Net play with the invited players to compete being the 3 low net flight winners from the Club Championship and the Low Net winner from the Weekend Senior Championship tournament (which is 2 round tournament)

For the Thursday selection the Low Net player from the Thurs Senior Championship (which is 2 round tournament).

The board feels that this will more accurately represent our Club Champions for the SCGA Tournament of Club Championships, as well as recognize those players who performed in a major multi-round tournament format.
Posted by mdhillon::05/17/2015