Tee Times
Members - Please be aware that that Torrey Pines Municipal Golf Course is enforcing a long standing policy of requiring players to check in atleast 20 minutes prior to their assigned tee time or risk losing them. Do not wait for your name to be called. Check in at the window 30 minutes prior to your assigned tee time to be safe.
Posted by bcincotta::10/06/2014

Golf Survey
San Diego State University Sports MBA Program is evaluating trends among golfers in San Diego by assessing community awareness and attitudes toward local golf programs.

Based upon the results of the survey, SDSU graduate students will make recommendations to a local golf course on how to best cater its services and programs to the public.

For those members who would like to participate, please click here to start the survey:
Posted by mdhillon::09/27/2014

September Newsletter AND Weekend Update
Click here to download the September Newsletter
Click here to download the Weekend Update
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Updated TPMGC Bylaws
An updated version of the TPMGC Bylaws has been approved by the board, and is available for membership review. The goal is have these updated bylaws ratified by the General Membership at the November meeting.

Click here to download the updated bylaws
Posted by dkitchen::09/04/2014

Reminder: ESC for Adjusted Score.
How to Adjust your scores for Handicap Posting per Rule http://www.usga.org/Rule-Books/Handicap-System-Manual/Rule-04/ Equitable Stoke Control (ESC) is Used for determining a Players Adjusted Gross Score for which is used for Hanidcap Posting. ESC is used when a player's actual or most likely hole score exceeds a maximum number, based on the table below, for the player's Course Handicap from the tees played. Course Handicap of 9 or less is allowed a maximum of double bogey (2 over Par) for any hole. Course Handicap of 10-19 is allowed a maximum of 7 strokes on any hole. Course Handicap of 20-29 is allowed a maximum of 8 strokes on any hole. Course Handicap of 30-40 is allowed a maximum of 9 strokes on any hole Course Handicap of 40 or greater is allowed a maximum of 10 strokes on any hole.
Posted by dkitchen::08/20/2014

2015 Farmers Volunteer Info
Information for volunteering at the 2015 Farmers Insurance Open is now available.

Click here for all of the Volunteer Information
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Completing a Correct Scorecard
Please take a couple of minutes and complete your scorecards as directed. Please total your gross score, and include your net score (if applicable), and total your adjusted score. Our scorers put in a lot of work, so please help them by correctly completing your scorecard. John
Posted by jstandish::08/16/2014

TP North Renovation
TPMGC Members - below is a design plan of the planned renovations to TP North in early 2015.

Click here to download the Design Plan
Posted by mdhillon::08/02/2014