Open Letter to the Membership from Michael S. Berg, President, TPMGC
Members of TPMGC:

As the President of TPMGC and on behalf of the Board of Directors, I want to first apologize for the length of time it has taken to bring resolution to a Petition a group of members put together regarding Term Limits and also to explain why it has taken so long.

Last November, The Board was presented with a Petition from an anonymous group calling themselves the Torrey Pines Petition 2014 Group. During the same time period, elections were held at the general membership meeting. There were two new members elected to the Board. No action was taken on the Petition at that time.

In January, new officers for the Board were named. I was elected President. I thus take full responsibility for not immediately moving forward on the Petition. It should not have taken this long to bring to a resolution. However, in the ensuing months, we took the following actions: First, as required by our Bylaws, we verified that the signatures on the petition were valid. Next, I sent the Petition to the Past President's Council for review and advice. The Past President's Council is comprised of all the former Presidents of the TPMGC, whether or not they are currently on the Board. They thoroughly reviewed all materials and issued a report which was posted to our website under the column "Forum." Finally, since we were on unchartered territory, the Board believed it was necessary to obtain the advice of our attorney on how we needed to proceed. We have since received said advice. Although it has taken a bit longer to come to a conclusion than anyone anticipated, since we are only going to do this one time, we wanted to be sure that we do it correctly.

Two weeks ago, I reached out to the head of the Torrey Pines Petition 2014 Group and offered to sit down with him and any of his representatives to work out a joint agreed upon proposal. My offer was rejected. Based on that rejection, the Board felt it necessary to develop a proposal that better meets the needs of the TPMGC. Therefore, based on our attorney's advice, and in conformity with our Bylaws, we are proceeding as follows: in November, we will be having a "Special Meeting" followed by our general membership meeting to include the election of new Board members. We anticipate there will be at least 3 open seats on the Board for election. The sole purpose of the "Special Meeting" will be to vote on the issue of Term Limits. In the coming month, the Board will put together an alternate plan for Term Limits. Prior to the election, information regarding the two proposals will be distributed.

Members will then have two votes at the "Special Meeting":
(1) Are you in favor of Term Limits? Yes or No
(2) Regardless of how you voted above, (whether or not you favor term limits), which proposal do you favor?
• Board endorsed Proposal for Term Limits
• Torrey Pines Petition 2014 Group Proposal

In the meantime, should anyone have any comments, questions or concerns, I am happy to personally respond.

Michael S. Berg President, TPMGC 619.239.2186
Posted by mberg::08/24/2015

July/August Newsletter
The July/August Newsletter is available for download:

Click here to download the newsletter
Posted by mdhillon::08/21/2015

Volunteer Marshalls for Weekday Tournaments
Members, I am pleased to inform you the average pace of play for 7- 23 was 4 hours 18 minutes with the last few groups finishing in 4:30 minutes. We have proven it can be done. The Course was very pleased with our results. Thank you to Peter Born for volunteering to Marshall in the early hours. His contribution helped us achieve these positive results. The City has requested we continue to provide volunteer Marshalls from our membership. If you volunteer, you will be guaranteed a tee time either early or late depending on when you would like to play. We are looking for at least two Marshalls per tournament, one early and one late. Your assistance will be very much appreciated. Please contact me for details. Again, congratulations on helping the Club and the City meet our goals. Bob Hood, Weekday Tournament Chairman,
Posted by bhood::08/08/2015

Pace of Play
Tired of Slow Play? Sign the SCGA’s Pace of Play Pledge! It’s time to change the culture that accepts slow play. Help us solve one of golf’s biggest problems and play faster! SIGN the PACE OF PLAY PLEDGE and receive a limited edition bag tag. Join the movement now at
Posted by omborn::07/27/2015

Tournament Change
The Torrey Pines Men’s Golf club is restructuring our SGCA Championship play to better recognize those individuals who excel in our Club and Senior Championships.

SCGA conducts tournaments each year for its member clubs:

SCGA Tournament of Club Champions for Club Champions with index 2.4 or lower

SCGA Tournament of Senior Club Champions with index of 5.4 or lower

SCGA Tournament of Club Champions – NET for players whose index is higher than 2.4 or 5.4 from above.

As our club selects it’s Club Champion and Senior Club Champion from players with indexes below 2.4 (Club Champion) and (5.4 Senior Club Champion) the SCGA has allowed us to send two individuals to the SCGA Tournament of Club Champions – NET.

It the past we have conducted 2 Low Net Qualifier tournaments which were a single round of Individual Net play(Weekend and Thursday) and the low net from each was sponsored to the SCGA Tournament of Club Champions – NET

This year the selection method will be changed to be more reflective of our Actual Club Championships.

For the Weekend selection we will have a single round of Net play with the invited players to compete being the 3 low net flight winners from the Club Championship and the Low Net winner from the Weekend Senior Championship tournament (which is 2 round tournament)

For the Thursday selection the Low Net player from the Thurs Senior Championship (which is 2 round tournament).

The board feels that this will more accurately represent our Club Champions for the SCGA Tournament of Club Championships, as well as recognize those players who performed in a major multi-round tournament format.
Posted by mdhillon::05/17/2015