The 2016 SPRING GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING will take place on Tuesday, May 17, 2016, at the Torrey Pines Driving Range. The agenda for the meeting is: 4:00 PM Setup for meeting. Come and help. 4:30 PM Demos from the manufactures’ reps plus 4 ProTrac fitting (first come first served) and putting contest “Lots of Fun”. Chris Lempa, Junior Golf Director, is working on Taylormade, Titleist, Ping, and Nike, maybe Callaway too. Be in touch soon with all the details on what reps will be there. 6:00 PM Public Comments – Members opportunity to speak to membership and the Board. Plus, delicious 4 ½ Stars Bellisario’s Pizza and beverages. 6:30 PM Start of the General Meeting. We also will be giving away over $500.00 in prizes - - the big prizes are Two 3-hour lessons from the pro’s. Golf items, hats, shirts, gift cards, ball markers, divot tools, rounds of golf, etc. Please come out and support the club and see the new equipment. Joe Debock, and great crack team of Professional PGA instructors, will be there to give FREE lessons on putting, chipping and short game. Come for the fellowship and a great way to kick of the summer with Food and Drink with your fellow golfers. As we all know, so many people hate to talk golf at parties. At THIS party we encourage you to talk about golf for hours! People will want to hear what you have to say. Learn all the latest on the upcoming Torey Pines Farmers Tournament, Bunker Buddies and other opportunities to volunteer. Also, get the latest news on the North Couse renovations. Come and let’s talk GOLF! Party starts at 4:30 PM. Peter L. Born Vice President
Posted by lprosi::05/01/2016

Passing of TPMGC Member
It is with heartfelt emotion that we report the passing of longtime TPMGC member Hal Boston. Knowing Hal has many friends in our club, Hal's family and friends would like to extend an invitation to one and all to attend a celebration of Hal Boston’s life. This will take place at The Art and Music Center in Escondido, where Hal was a volunteer, on a date and time to be determined shortly. For all who wish to attend please contact Marion at: marionwhitney@mac.com.
Posted by mberg::04/26/2016

Tie Breaker system adopted for all weekday Tournaments
In order for us to stay within our subsidy budget we are now going to break ties for first place using the a tiebreaker system available to us from our Tournament Players Program . If there are ties the software will break all ties using the back nine as a beginning point for tie breaks. TPP uses the USGA tie breaker...starting with the back 9 holes (net), then the back 6 holes (net), then the back 3 holes (net) and then the Back 1 hole (net) then if we need it a coin toss. Handicaps for the tie breakers are 50% for the 9 hole, 33% for 6 hole, 16.7% for 3 hole, 5.55% for 1 hole..all handicaps are rounded 0.5 or higher is a stroke.
Posted by bhood::03/30/2016

Posting of Tournament Scores
POSTING OF SCORES FOR ALL PLAY AT TPMGC EVENTS WILL BE POSTED BY THE TOURNAMENT COMMITTEE USE OF “T” SCORES The USGA is reviewing and tightening up the usage of T scores by Clubs. T scores are only supposed to be used for the club’s significant tournaments. However, more and more clubs are routinely posting local tournament scores as T scores, which can dilute the effectiveness of what T scores are supposed to do, i.e. be a check on player performance. The issue is that the number of T scores a player has in the last 12 month period can significantly reduce the effectiveness of the T score review. Therefor for TPMGC to comply with the new USGA policy clarification with respect to club T scores TPMGC will only use T scores for our Board Tournaments, and will they will be posted by the tournament committee. No member should post any T score at a TPMGC event or any play at Torrey Pines Golf course. TPMGC Board tournaments are: SCGA BB of Partners Qualifiers weekend and weekday TPMGC Senior Championships weekend and weekday TPMGC Club Championship weekend TPMGC Turkey Shoot weekend and weekday .....Marc Sorensen Handicap Chairman
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Please note that effective 1/1/16, all member renewals are considered "late renewals" and the fee is $100. Also be certain your E Golfer Profile is current including phone number and date of birth. Any questions, contact Larry Prosi, Membership Chairman
Posted by lprosi::01/04/2016

Marshalls Needed!
Torrey Pines has requested the club improve pace of play and use marshals to aid in this. In response, the Board has formed a new position, Pace of Play Chair. We need 2 marshals for each TP tournament, one for early play, and one for late. Each marshal will be assured a tee time in Torrey Pines tournaments, an early tee time for the later play marshal, and a late tee time for the early play marshal. This is a great way to support the club in this important matter, ensure you will have a tee time, and make tournaments at Torrey more efficient and enjoyable for all. Please email me at kmclean@tpmgc.org if you would like to serve as a marshal, and indicate if you would prefer early or late. We will hold a training session on how to marshal, and share thoughts on how to make it work well for both marshals and players. Thanks. Kevin McLean Chair, Pace of Play Committee TPMGC
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Pace of Play
Tired of Slow Play? Sign the SCGA’s Pace of Play Pledge! It’s time to change the culture that accepts slow play. Help us solve one of golf’s biggest problems and play faster! SIGN the PACE OF PLAY PLEDGE and receive a limited edition bag tag. Join the movement now at www.scga.org/pledge
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